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We are located on the East end of Craig, Colorado. It is a scenic, 3 1/2 hour drive from Denver, Colorado—only 40 miles West of Steamboat Springs and 5 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Getting Puppy Home

Taking Puppy Home by Air

If you plan to fly in to pick up your puppy, most airlines allow for a puppy to be carried on board. Advanced reservations are needed as they only allow a few onboard pets per flight. Puppies will need a Health Certificate, which we can provide for you at no cost. You will also need a soft-sided crate for onboard, or a hard-sided crate if your pet is to travel as cargo. Contact us for more detailed information regarding air travel. We'd be happy to help you make arrangements for this type of service.

Shipping Your Puppy

We will gladly ship your puppy via a non-stop flight from Denver International Airport to a major airport nearest you via select, trusted airlines that have proven themselves as effective handlers of live animal shipments. Puppies are shipped as cargo in a special environmentally controlled area of the plane. Additional fees are charged for this service, and reservations cannot be made earlier than 7 days in advance. Airlines frequently create restrictions, often without notice related to weather conditions, that cause shipment in midwinter and midsummer to be difficult, but not impossible. Contact us for more information.

Hips and Eyes and Elbows Guarantee

All our puppies are guaranteed for 26 months against elbow & hip dysplasia and/or inherited eye disorders. Please contact us; we will happily mail, e-mail, or fax the complete guarantee.

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