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Five labs sitting in a row, left to right the colors are yellow, black, chocoalte, black, yellow


Yellow lab with his best kid friend

Our puppy from Reese and Henry last year just turned one. She has the most even, sweet temperament, is so very smart, and just loves everyone. She loves to go “birding” in the marsh near my house as well..... but mainly she just wants to be with “her people”. She is literally my 7yr old son’s best friend. And she is looking just like Henry.

Lauren Jaggers (and “Georgia”)

Yellow lab with owner after successful goose hunt

I got Remi 4 years ago and just wanted to send you some pics of her. She has been the best dog and has retrieved around 300 birds. She is part of the family and my best friend.

Thanks so much,
Andy Raible

Beautiful black lab looking at the camera

When we drove from Denver to Craig, Colorado I was not expecting to find such good looking labs. We picked out the little girl with the green collar from the Juice x Striker litter. We named her Lucy and the day we took her home my life hasn't been the same. She had made us so happy with her adorable personality. It took us 3 days to train her. Her favorite past time is retrieving anything, mostly tennis ball, sticks thrown into the river, and her dummy. We have taken her on many hikes and trips to the mountains and again over-excels by listening, coming when called (since we have trained her to be off leash) as well as jumping and swimming into the glacier lake. We couldn't have asked for more, you have given us an amazing companion and family member.

Thank you again.
Lyndsey Schooley and Evan Jinks

Adorable yellow lab puppy sitting in a chair looking at the camera

My wife and I got a pup from your Henry x Aero litter. I just wanted to give you a little update. After we picked him up we took Gus to our vet and he gave him an excellent bill of health.

Since then some interesting things have happened. I’ve been around labs and hunting dogs my entire life. I have NEVER seen one like Gus. He learned his name in about a week. In just a couple weeks he sits and comes pretty reliably with both voice and whistle commands. He is an extremely intelligent dog. He’s now about 16 weeks and he’s learned so much of what is expected of him around the house. He knows what he can and cannot chew on. He’s never dug in the trash. When outside playing he comes when told to do so and he has been for weeks. He has taken to training unlike any dog I’ve ever seen. He picks up on things after just a couple sessions. When I pull out a dummy he lights up with excitement and retrieves with amazing enthusiasm. He does a very good job at bringing the dummy back to me for a pup his age.

Another thing that amazes me is his behavior in public and around other people. He’s a wonderful gentleman for a pup his age. He loves playing with other dogs and absolutely loves playing with kids. We take him fishing with us and he behaves so well. He’s happy just lounging around and knows what he shouldn’t be playing with. I also want to mention his physical appearance. He’s got quite the muscles growing in.

I want to thank you guys for such an amazing pup. You obviously have something special going on there at your kennel. This is clearly the result of smart, responsible breeding done by folks who take pride in what they do. So thank you for my new hunting partner, our fishing buddy and our best little buddy!

Thank you
Abe Whisner
Loveland, Colorado

Black lab with owner and child out hunting

"MAX" is doing great for only 16 months of age, retrieving lots of ducks and bringing out his natural instincts this year. I look forward to the next level of training after this season as we will use the Senior Hunt Test to take him to the next stage of being a solid dog in the blind. Being able to take a line for long range, steadiness and blind retrieves will make him all I need in a dog, don't know if I will chase Master Hunter, more than I need given the commitment it takes to train and get that title, time will tell.....Scott

Gorgeous black lab sitting in grassy field

Dear BC Labradors,

My wife and I got a puppy from you about 9 months ago. We named him Cooper and truly could not have imagined what an amazing part of our life he would become. We take him hiking, swimming, walking, hunting (learning anyway!) and just about everywhere that he is allowed to come with us. He is the most lovable, loyal, well tempered and adorable dog we could have imagined having and we just wanted you to know. I am sure you receive many notes like this one as you should. It is clear to us you do a wonderful job picking your dogs and ensuring amazing pets for all who come your way. Thank you again.

Preston and Jeannene Ems
Littleton, Colorado

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